SSL Wildcard error

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500 Command not understood
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SSL Wildcard error

#1 Post by stefano.fontanini » 2018-10-04 10:43

i'm trying to use a Thawte ssl wildcard with my filezilla server but i have some problems
I configure server side like this

private key = chiaveprivata.crt
certificate =
and password

when i try to connect from a filezilla client in ftps i have this certificate error


All the certificate information are correct, i can't understand where i'm wrong
Can someone hep me please?

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Re: SSL Wildcard error

#2 Post by botg » 2018-10-04 11:57

There's nothing wrong then. The trust model of FileZilla is user-guided TOFU. Users need to compare the displayed fingerprint with the fingerprint they have received from the server administrator over a secure channel, e.g. a piece of paper handed over personally.

This is more secure than a trust model involving certificate authorities. With user-guided TOFU one can even use FileZilla to securely transfer nuclear launch codes. In a CA world on the other hand there are thousands of CAs, each technically being able to issue certificates for anyone to anyone. Imagine for example Russian CA issuing certificates for a US government agency after a bribe from a Chinese spy. With trust delegated to CAs, this the fraudulent certificate would be accepted without raising any alarm.

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