Sharing help requested

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Sharing help requested

#1 Post by ADKZ » 2019-01-05 22:25

For some reason I'm having trouble setting this up. I understand partly why(mapped drives) but local drives
do not appear correctly, e,g I share j:\FTP\Test\Dave but when Dave connects he sees files in J;\FTP as well as the Test folder.
Also I don't understand what Aliases are, even after reading Wiki and FAQs.

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Re: Sharing help requested

#2 Post by boco » 2019-01-06 07:08

You must set J:\FTP\Test\Dave as the Home directory for the account. The Home directory is what becomes the root for the user.

Aliases are essentially shortcuts or "pointers" to directories outside the account's configured Home directory. Subdirectories of the Home do not require any Alias, as they are directly reachable.

First you share the unrelated directory. That alone will not make it accessible to the user. Then, the Alias tells FZ Server where in the account's Home the new directory should appear.

Example: If J:\FTP\Test\Dave is Home, and you share a second dir J:\FTP\Share\ForDave, it will not yet become available to the user. Give it an Alias of /Dave2 (remember, / is the user's root) and it will appear as a subdirectory Dave2 in the user's Home/root.
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