FileZilla Server Possibility?

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FileZilla Server Possibility?

#1 Post by gustygale » 2019-05-15 10:17

Good morning

I have a requirement for an FTP solution that does the following. Everyday, at a specific time, a file is produced from our internal system (an Excel file) and then I manually upload it to our Email provider for a daily campaign.

Our email provider has a Scheduled Enrollment feature, it creates a specific FTP user for me to connect to, processes the file in its FTP location and then a program then runs the send.

At the moment, I am using FileZilla client to manually upload this file. What I would like is something to automatically upload this file at a certain time, when uploaded, move the file to an archive directory on our system and rename it, for example, processed-file-DATE.xls

Is this possible? I currently have 4 programs that I am manually doing, all using different FTP usernames and locations.

I would be most grateful for any advice/assistance.

Thank you

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Re: FileZilla Server Possibility?

#2 Post by boco » 2019-05-15 13:20

First, what you describe is nothing an FTP server can or should do. FTP servers are passive and take only orders/commands from FTP clients. An FTP server will never act by itself.

Second, you would need an FTP client that can be scheduled and scripted (e. g. command line clients like lftp). FileZilla Client can only be operated manually.
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