Can't connect to FileZilla from outside of our domain

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Can't connect to FileZilla from outside of our domain

#1 Post by motiyairl » 2019-06-19 10:52

Hi Guy's,

I Installed Filezilla on server 16, talked with the team that are managing our Firewall and added a external IP for that.

If I connect (from inside of our domain) to that IP (the external) or the internal IP with the username + password of the customer - all works. But, If i'm trying to connect to the external IP from outside of our network - "connection timed out".. I'm trying to figure out what is the problem..

in the Server 16 (VM if it is important) I opened the inbound in the FW for filezilla server.. I even Disabled the FW just for checking. the same.. So I don't think it's FW issue.

Back to Filezilla settings -

Passive mode settings:

Didn't enable the "use custom port range"

Ipv4 specific: checked the second option - use the following IP and added the external IP.

FTP over TLS settings: none, Nothing is checked..

What Could be the problem?

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Re: Can't connect to FileZilla from outside of our domain

#2 Post by boco » 2019-06-19 12:18

Your NAT router? Sounds like there are no port forwards to the server. Without these, the NAT router will not let through any connection from the outside.

With port forwards, you have to use Custom port range, as otherwise, you would need to forward all ports 1025-65535 - I bet you don't wanna do that.

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