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cannot access server from lan, getting timeout

Posted: 2020-01-24 17:36
by guy_c
Hello, I have the filezilla server installed on a win8.1 at, filezilla server allowed on firewall. when I try to access it from a win10 on I get timeout. Same when trying from android xplore app. I am now at a fiends; in my home I never had any problem. Incidentally, I cannot ping the win 8.1 nor the win10.

I can ftp and ping the win 8.1 from itself, same for the win10 machine

Any help would be most welcome

Re: cannot access server from lan, getting timeout

Posted: 2020-01-29 10:53
by boco
Please read Network Configuration and configure FileZilla Server, router and all firewalls.

Please note that LAN access only works from the SAME LAN. While two or more LANs can use the same IPs (LAN IPs are not unique), they are physically separate and cannot communicate.
In your case, the machine would need to be in the same LAN (your home) as the machine. From any other location, you have to use the server's public IP.