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LAN setup

Posted: 2020-04-28 15:43
by chris17
I have a problem. I'm trying to make a LAN FTP server so I can send my documents from my two computers. I have FileZilla through XAMPP control panel (but I tried to download FileZilla too). There is no preblem with setup and I can even conect to my server through local host, but when I try to connect from another device that's using the same router, the connection fails (connection time out). The server log doesn't even say that there was a log attempt. There should be no problem with the firewall setting, because I even tried to turn it off and it still wasn't working. I haven't done any port forwarding but that shouldn't matter (the port forwarding is important only when I want to connect out from my LAN setup).
Thank you for any advice

Re: LAN setup

Posted: 2020-04-28 16:15
by botg
Please have a look at the Network Configuration guide.

Note that for connections from within your local LAN you need to use the private IP address of the server to connect.

Re: LAN setup

Posted: 2020-04-29 05:54
by chris17
I've read this several times.
I also want to mention that I created a FileZilla LAN setup before and when I followed the exact same steps as before it wasn't working (I used a different computer though).
I'm using the IPv4 adress of my computer. Another strange thing is that I can login to my server through a virtual PC(Ubuntu, Oracle Virtual Box) using the private IPv4 adress (I tried using the localhost adress but it wasn't working), so my private adress is fine I guess.
But thank you for fast reply