Simplest way to receive Files via FTP

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Simplest way to receive Files via FTP

#1 Post by Ftr5000 » 2020-06-03 19:25

Hello - We have been informed by a client that they prefer to send us a weekly file by FTP using FIlezilla.

They have asked us for our Host/Username/Password to proceed.

The only problem is that we are somewhat new to FTP and not exactly sure what the easiest solution will be.

Is there a simple set of steps to take so that we can receive these (very small files), using Filezilla, as they have asked of us?

Hopefully it is a cheap solution, but we are willing to pay a few dollars of month if it is necessary.

Some of the suggested options have been: (1) Use Filezilla combined + Filezilla Server (2) Use Filezilla + Smartfile (3) Use Filezilla +

Any thoughts or suggestions on the easiest path to take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Mark

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