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IPCam file storage when offline

Posted: 2020-07-06 20:18
by Pawsbox
New to this so please bear with me :)

Have just setup my first ever IP camera, downloaded and setup filezilla, and have eventually managed to get it connecting with Filezilla (after finally managing to sort out the port forwarding and DHCP settings as I needed a reserved IP address on my VM router), I now find myself wanting to have camera footage being saved whilst i am offline myself (asleep in bed for example) as i assumed that this would happen automatically

Using an SV3 5MP IP cam, Camhi software for mobile phone viewing - - alerts are being sent via Filezilla through to my laptop on a set drive but only when i am online and everything is switched on and logged into, but is there any special settings or methods whereby i can get it to send the alerts through when i switch off my laptop at night ?

I may be asking the impossible but thought that if I ask then at least may know what options I have available

Many thanks for your time

Re: IPCam file storage when offline

Posted: 2020-07-06 20:54
by boco
The machine running FileZilla Server must stay on, in order to receive any files. If you shut it down, you shut the FTP server down, too. That's why they never shut down the servers in the Internet.
Running a small NAS (Network Attached Storage) device would be the best solution. As the NAS will be always on, it can receive files from the IPCam, continuously. Plus, NAS devices usually support multiple kinds of access, like FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and more.

To sum it up: Running an FTP server on a machine that's not always on is of limited value, as the server will go down with the OS.