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Not working after power-out. All kinds of weird.

Posted: 2020-07-09 02:49
by Steiner-SE

Not sure if anyone can help or suggest a path of error tracking.
I've had my FileZilla server running for years without a hitch on a virtual machine on a ESXi server with the files on a Synology NAS
All home dires has been on the share and FileZilla have served them just fine.
A week ago my city had a big power out and all machines went down. NAS was fine afterwards but the ESXi boot image was corrupt so had to reinstall.
Virtual machines starts up. On the FTP machine I have full access to all folders BUT now whenever I log on to any account it tells me the folder doesn't exist.
Also (not really FZ related I think, I can now only access the FTP using internal IP or local domain, not talking at all reachable using the external IP or domain name (pinging the external domain name for the FTP works, the port forwarding is still the same).
Utterly confused here as how to get everything back into working order.

Just realized that the mail server and web server one another virtual machine still works and talk to the net, so traffic IS getting through and the domain name works, it's just the machine/server that is refusing to cooperate for some reason.

Re: Not working after power-out. All kinds of weird.

Posted: 2020-07-09 07:58
by botg
Could it be a permissions thing? Make sure the Windows account FileZilla Server runs under (SYSTEM by default) has permission to access the directories you want to share.