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Connecting webcam to Weather Underground

Posted: 2020-07-18 14:56
by mayo615
This is what I know so far. With some great difficulty, I got a reply from Wunderground support who do not wish to get involved in webcam configuration issues. I did ask a simple question, "Do I need to set up an FTP server on my PC and point the file transfer to their web address "" The answer I got was "yes," from WU support tech "Victoria." So I have been proceeding on that basis. I also watched an FTP server setup video that said I also needed to create a static IP address so I can send files externally. I have a business Internet account with a static IP address if needed. I understand that if this is the case I need to careful with security to insure only the FTP file folder is accessible.

I bought a CHORTAU S63S IP webcam. It is set up and working fine internally. The camera has a variety of settings. FTP settings ask for server address (not sure yet. My static IP? WU's address, server port (21) User name ???, password (mine or theirs), passive is on, the path is blank.

Weather Underground gave me the following ID info for webcam setup: Server:, password: NyMo2IN2, directory: blank or /, filename: image.jpg, transfer type: binary. The camera does not ask for a file name or transfer type, so I am flummoxed there.

That is all I know so far. I am doing this on my own and have been learning, but I am at an impasse now.

Re: Connecting webcam to Weather Underground

Posted: 2020-07-19 04:34
by boco
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