Sharing Folders & Aliases

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Sharing Folders & Aliases

#1 Post by dvdmrrck » 2020-07-23 12:45

Just starting using the Server again, on Windows, as I have lots of botany photos to share ad-hoc. A couple of suggestions -
1. Entering a new Directory to share you have an explorer dialog pop up. This is impractical where you have the path, in which case you just want to paste the path in. Currently having to create a dud share and then rename and pasting the path, but that's not ideal, especially if there are many paths. I think would work to have a button ('Add Adv') which when you click you get a dialog of two input boxes one above the other, one the Directory path, the other the Alias so you can input them both directly at the same time.
2. I have a large number of folders and files to share in a deep tree, but there are some I want to exclude. What's needed is a share Filter, where a regular expression can omit/include Folders by name, and Files by name, so a folder I could exclude by putting 'EXCL' in the folder name and setting the filter accordingly. Since there's a terabyte of images, I don't want to have to make a special copy of them for sharing, and anyway the structure may change and I want the shared structure to match, which a copy wouldn't do. It may also work to have an .ini file in any folder you want special settings for which Filezilla Server detects (rather like .htaccess works) rather than trying to manually set them in FileZilla interface.
3. A useful option would be the ability to provide an 'include' file for the share folders and in that file would be further folder share definitions, which filezilla would read as an addition to its own .xml configuration, this would allow the programmatic maintenance of shares in a separate .xml file to the normal settings one. It may be useful to provide a simplified columned format for it in the form NNN (i.e. version!)<LF>Permissions (eg RWDA<tab>CDLS)<tab>Folder<tab>Alias<tab>FileFilter<tab>SubfolderFilter<LF>...etc... where <tab> can also be <LF> or <LF><tab> for readability, as an alternative to the xml format as this is more human-readible and maintainable.
Cheers, David

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