[Request] Don't log action from IP(range)

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[Request] Don't log action from IP(range)

#1 Post by M*I*B » 2008-02-26 22:22

Hello there (and special Tim; great work anyhow!)

Hope I'm right here to ask for a future request? If not, don't kill me ;)

I have two requests:

It is possible for a future release to define a IP-Adress, Adressrange that will be not written to the logfile?
At my side I use the FZS on a VPS at Hosteurope. I also use the monitoring from HE to be informed (by SMS, eMail, Fax... what else..) if some of the defined services are down. But for that every touch of the monitor generates many entrys in the logfile make the logfile harder to read and find aout importand (hacking) informations...

It is possible for a future release to define names inside the "allowed / banned" list? At the moment only IP's are allowed. But I belive it's a good idea to make the server more secure if you can say that only the host i.e. "myhome.selfip.net" and some other DynIP-host are allowed to connect.

btw: I'm very happy with the server as it; say it before some misunderstandings comming up. But I belive the better is the enemy of the good ones ;)

Greetings from "Kalledonien (Kalletal, FRG-NRW)


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