using compression from linux to windows filezilla server

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using compression from linux to windows filezilla server

#1 Post by sbouli » 2008-09-25 15:50


I am using the fillezilla server on a windows 2003 workstation and I'd like to send huge log files from linux servers. How can I use compression on the transport ?
I cannot compress the files on the linux and uncompress on the windows (except if the filezilla server takes care of it) because I use the files thrue a sql bulk insert and cannot unzip between the end of the transfer and the beginning of the bulk insert ...

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Re: using compression from linux to windows filezilla server

#2 Post by da chicken » 2008-09-25 22:05

It's called MODE Z transfer. In FileZilla Server under Server Options, there's a section called Filetransfer (sic) compression. Turn that on. If your client and server are on private IP ranges (,, 172.16-32.0.0) then you need to uncheck the setting that prevents MODE Z transfer over private addressing.

Next, you need an FTP client that can supports FTP MODE Z transfers or will allow you to issue the raw MODE Z command. MODE Z is not commonly supported because of the processing overhead of on-the-fly transfers.

I find it hard to believe that you can access a remote server with FTP but can't extract the file. Maybe I could help you with that. How are you executing this script?

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