can't find transferred files

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can't find transferred files

#1 Post by marco4568 » 2018-05-29 15:33

Hi, I'm a noob to Filezilla.

I recently picked it up for FTP download for my seedbox. I successfully transferred a file (yes it said successfully transferred), and I can't find the file nowhere (I know, I can't remember the file directory that I stored my downloads). Literally nowhere! And the very next thing I did was just quit Filezilla, looked for the file name in my mac's finder (failed), and reopened Filezilla. What turned out was the successful transfer was erased and I still wasn't able to find the file. What's bugging me the most was I don't even know if the successful transfer was indeed "successful", and if it was, I have to know where it is.

sorry for this dumb question, please help me with this!

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