Does FileZilla work with CPanel?

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Does FileZilla work with CPanel?

#1 Post by GingerHippo » 2018-11-01 03:30

Total newb question, I know. I've built out a website on a C-Panel instance, and I'm getting ready to move it to a managed platform. Is this possible with FileZilla, or no? I'm fully prepared to manually migrate if it isn't. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: Does FileZilla work with CPanel?

#2 Post by boco » 2018-11-01 09:01

First, do not link to third-party websites here. This is not allowed by the rules.

As long as your old and new hoster support FTP(S) or SFTP access, you can use FileZilla.

Please note that the paid FileZilla Pro supports more protocols (S3, WebDAV, Azure, Google, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.).
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