FTP transfer keeps pausing when bulk transferring files

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FTP transfer keeps pausing when bulk transferring files

#1 Post by MusoAndy » 2020-07-08 19:53

Hi there

I have an issue I would love some help with please.

I am writing an app which sends a database held on the PC to a server. The app is written in VB.net and the server uses Filezilla. There are approx. 380 files to transfer, mostly all small text files of 1-5kb in size. I estimate it should take a few seconds.

Everything works fine, except that when doing a transfer, approx 50 files are transferred in a burst and then the FTP just goes to sleep for 15 seconds... then it wakes up, sends another 50 files and then goes to sleep for another 15 seconds... This continues until all files have been sent. Each time it bursts, it send the 50 files in under a second and I can confirm that they are happily received in the receiving directory. The 'sleep' time is almost always exactly 15 seconds, which make me think it is some timeout issue or some simple setting I am getting wrong. The whole process is taking approx. 2 mins.

I have written various test methods to try to find out where the issue is and I have found that with even the most basic FTP upload, the same issue is there. I wrote a recursive loop doing nothing but sending 350 small text files to my Filezilla server via FTP and this had exactly the same issue. I have tried both syncronous and asyncronous FTP transfers but it makes no difference.

Can anyone shed any light on this please? I am running out of ideas.


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Re: FTP transfer keeps pausing when bulk transferring files

#2 Post by botg » 2020-07-13 10:35

What does it say in the log?

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