Not able to upload after many successful attempts

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Not able to upload after many successful attempts

#1 Post by gordonisnz » 2020-11-21 00:22


I like Filezilla - but occasionally I get a problem - when uploading or downloading files. I say to transfer & it just sits there.. 5-10 minutes later its still "transferring" & nothing happens (5-10KB files)

Password IS correct - i can view / change directories just fine.. However im not getting any error messages.. If i download, it works fine - but 5 minutes later after downloading/uploading files, it just stops working..

*NO* error messages at all.

Filezilla 3.51.0 - Windows 10.

QUESTION 1) is there a way i can "grab" (copy-n-paste) my login settings (everything except my password). so i can quickly advise my web host my correct settings i am using?

QUESTION 2) it appears that i can just log-in, & it just "remembers" my settings from last time i logged in.

Is there a way to "save" settings - so i acn use different settings for different hosts ? (I cant see a "save" option.)


If i upload a file / connect to a host, & upload a 2nd file, Does it use the "SAME" connection ? Or tries to generate a NEW connection ?

Ive got a static IP from my ISP - and I am the ONLY person with that IP. however "Occasionally" my website host says i cant have 8 simultaneous connections at one time. (this is rare, but i may as well ask here now).

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Re: Not able to upload after many successful attempts

#2 Post by botg » 2020-11-23 07:41

Most likely a firewall or NAT router is silently dropping the connection.

What is your timeout value set to?

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