New Update 3.52 is a complete Cluster F****k

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New Update 3.52 is a complete Cluster F****k

#1 Post by Vegas101 » 2021-04-02 08:42

Attention FileZilla users,

Do NOT update to version 3.52.2

There are serious problems with how the program functions with windows.

After uploading 10,000 files the program causes windows crash errors.
At times the same crash messages your screen will go blank. Complete black,
or change the scale layout up to 150%.
Random disconnections and errors from webserver

I have noticed screen flickering in process before crash.

2 out of 6 times I have tried to use FileZilla version I have had to just hold the power button and hard reset pc.

This version is not usable to any standards and cant figure out why FileZilla team allows such crap to float around in their updates.

I have had no problems with program using Version 3.51, things have progressively gotten worse the more fixes they attempt doing 3.52.
Other problems have noticed after editing scripts with text editor, and close to upload. After closing session the files were never changed on the server.
This does not happen all the time, but can happen from time to time. Which can cause a complete disorganize issue when trying to figure out issues on websites and diagnose problems
When you believe you have edited a file and the changes are not there.

The bugs are getting out of control, I suggest they need to do a complete overhaul on the program and do through testing before next update.
Instead of slapping a bunch of kids Band-Aids on the application and say its good.

Future answers to my issues,
Yes I have left default transfer settings to 2.
Issues were discovered using Ethernet on local network.
Issues of some files not being uploaded or edited were never logged on router. Which means the uploaded files using FileZilla were never sent to webserver server on same network.

I have tried the following
- Limited the bandwidth speed of file transfer.
- Download & installed fresh copy of program.
- I used WinSCP and have no issues transferring files.

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Re: New Update 3.52 is a complete Cluster F****k

#2 Post by botg » 2021-04-06 07:25

Ordinary programs such as FileZilla cannot cause system crashes. It's part of the design of every modern operating system.

It looks like you have faulty drivers or faulty hardware. Try reinstalling your operating system from scratch, if the error persists your hardware is faulty.

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