Help Uploading Please...

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500 Command not understood
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Help Uploading Please...

#1 Post by dmitchell » 2008-01-28 17:51

I need serious help. Let me see if I can explain this without confusing myself (or others) any more than I already am... :-)

I bought a template for my business website and was told I'd need to look for a separate company to host it. I chose a host site and they informed me I needed to use Filezilla to upload to my site. The problem is the template providers required me to personalize my template via Adobe Flash CS3. I've updated my changes via Flash CS3 and now need to transfer to Filezilla to update my site. Can anyone help me please? I'm very confused and frustrated. When I went to Filezilla last night to upload the Flash I couldn't do it. I received some sort of error message. Please explain in layman's terms. :)


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