can save all info in install folder?please.

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can save all info in install folder?please.

#1 Post by qidizi » 2011-04-16 13:22

1. i some time must use ftp by usb disk,so i must load ini(xml) by the first time;because it store ini(xml) in xp user folder;

2. and can like the:my usb disk is [U:],my edit soft is in [u:\soft\notepad2\notepad2.exe];ftp is in [u:\soft\ftp],than i must type editer path like [u:\soft\notepad2\notepad2.exe] by ftp ini;can use [..\notepad2\notepad2.exe] path?

3. if i change sss.php in notepad.exe,ftp will note me update it ? one question is it fucos in "upate and del source ?", can default fucos "yes" button? or have one checkbox "always auto update by change?"


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Re: can save all info in install folder?please.

#2 Post by boco » 2011-04-16 21:00

1. Use the fzdefaults.xml file to make your installation portable. There's an example file in the docs subdirectory of the FileZilla program directory.

2. Did you try it?

3. That behavior is by design. The confirmation dialog can not be switched off.
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