Feature Request: Connections per Server

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Feature Request: Connections per Server

#1 Post by Primajin » 2015-03-22 16:34

Hello Dear Coders!

In the filezilla connection settings I can specify the number of connections, down- and uploads... but it would be really helpful if I could also specify them "by server"

- either one for all solution like: Make 2 Connections per server simultaneously
- or a new field in the server browser where i can set "this server supports 5 connections and this one only 3"

Since I need to upload files to many servers simultaneously, it would be extremely time saving if filezilla could do this - instead of queuing 9 servers and then uploading to them one by one.

I'm happy to clarify more if I forgot something here.

Thanks and best regards

EDIT: I just found out that there is already a workaround for this, but its not easy to understand for users. In the server manager set max connection on every server to 2 and then the overall connections to 10...but that is bad if I have 9 Servers which can handle 3 connections each (9*3 = 27 > 10)

Second Edit: So I guess there wont be a feature like this in the near future? Or at least a way to set max connections higher than 10?

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