Problem in uploading a file

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500 Command not understood
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Problem in uploading a file

#1 Post by rslessor » 2018-11-21 17:35

I'm helping my wife update her website. I haven't done any updates or used Filezilla for a while, so anything unexpected throws me!

I created a revised home page and called it 'index (update November 2018).html', then dragged and dropped into the 'Remote site' www folder where all the other page files are. What you then got when you tried to enter the site was an 'index of' page which seems to be listing all the files in the www folder.

I've tried renaming the file in both the hard disc and the remote site file, first just to 'index.html' and then to 'home.html' just in case it was the word *index* which was causing the problem (though I couldn't see why it would).

No luck - if you try to call up the home page you still get the 'index of' list.

I'm sure the answer is simple! Can someone please help.

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Re: Problem in uploading a file

#2 Post by boco » 2018-11-21 17:51

First: If you get an index listing (directory listing), that means there's no index document at all.

Second, the name of the index document is fully up to the server operator. Although there are a few commonly used names, there isn't any obligation to configure them.

Names you could try:


Note that case is important - they usually need to be ALL lowercase. Additionally, sites using PHP or CGI might use different names.

Don't you have any backup of the old site? There you can look up the correct index document name.
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500 Command not understood
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Re: Problem in uploading a file

#3 Post by rslessor » 2018-11-27 14:44

The original home page in the www directory *was* index.html.

I've now reinstated the home page as an index.html file in the www directory. Result:

- I do now get the home page if I search for the domain name.
- However, if I just search for my wife's name (as people are very likely to do) I still get the index listing - before all this started, it used to bring up the home page.

This happens in both Chrome and Firefox.

As there is now an index.html file in the correct directory, what might still be going wrong?

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