Configuration test passed but cannot connect to server

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500 Command not understood
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Configuration test passed but cannot connect to server

#1 Post by Gcs_dev » 2019-02-12 18:00

I am absolutely new to Filezilla having started with it this morning and have immediately hit an impasse. I cannot connect to a server and the log tells me precious little:

Status: Connecting to
Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
Command: open "" 22
Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Could not connect to server
Status: Waiting to retry...

I have been reading up about possible causes all day and have so far changed the following:
1. Allowed both filezilla.exe and fzsftp.exe through my firewall
2. Turned the firewall off completely seeing as allowing the programs through didn't change anything
3. Checked that my IP is static; it is.
4. Forwarded ports 50000-50100 to my machine (This made a difference insofar as the configuration test would fail before this but has completed successfully since this change)
5. Tried running Filezilla in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and 8 as I'm running Windows 10.

All to no avail. The error message never changes so I feel I'm barking up completely the wrong tree.
Can anyone please help?
Thank you.

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Re: Configuration test passed but cannot connect to server

#2 Post by botg » 2019-02-12 18:51

There simply is no working SFTP server at that hostname.

Please double-check your login credentials. If the problem persists you need to contact your hosting provider for further assistance.

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