Reconnect to Last Server button functionality

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Reconnect to Last Server button functionality

#1 Post by junejuly » 2019-05-30 10:51


It seems the "Reconnect to last server" button doesn't use the filemanager to reconnect. Thus it doesn't seem to correctly apply the settings for that server set up in the file manager. In particular for all my sites I tend to set the "Synchronized browzing" option. This isn't automaticallly set with the "reconnect" button and thus I need to remember to click the Synchronized button. I wonder what other settings are being ignored with the "Reconnect"? :?

A small thing I know, but I would expect the "Reconnect" to reconnect with all the valid settings.

Cheers for the great software.

June :-)

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Re: Reconnect to Last Server button functionality

#2 Post by boco » 2019-06-12 22:39

Please note the Reconnect info represents a "snapshot" of the configuration, at the time you connected using the Site Manager directly. Even if you later change the Site Manager data for the entry, the Reconnect info is unaffected. To update it, connect using the Site Manager directly. This will replace the old Reconnect info.
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