2003 to 2016 Server Migration

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2003 to 2016 Server Migration

#1 Post by FSchleyhahn » 2019-08-10 14:12

I will try to present my scenario. I have a Windows 2008 FTP Server and the home directory points to a Network Share. One of the folders on that share resides on a Windows 2003 Server, and I need to migrate that server to Windows 2016. Here's the situation...I have a new 2016 server built and I have attached the D: Drive of the original 2003 Server to the new 2016 Server. The exact same shares and permissions exist on the new server. When I use Filezilla to upload a file when that drive is mounted on the 2016 server, I am able to browse, but I am get Error 550 when trying to upload the file. When I take the 2016 server down and bring the 2003 up, FTP works just fine--I can transfer files. I have confirmed that the FTP account I am using (which is also an Active Directory Account) is able to log into and map to the drive when it is mounted on the 2016 server and copy files. In fact, I have made that account an administrator on the 2016 server and confirmed that the account has full rights to the share that I need to FTP files to. The new server has the same name and IP address as the server it is replacing. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to what may be preventing file transfers from occurring when the drive resides on the 2016 server? Thanks for your help.

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Re: 2003 to 2016 Server Migration

#2 Post by boco » 2019-08-10 23:54

And the FileZilla Server Service runs under the account you have privileged to access? By default, it runs under the SYSTEM account.

Windows networking is a real mess, even more since UAC came into play. Remember 2003/2003R2 was the last server OS which didn't have UAC and thus didn't care about elevated vs. non-elevated mappings.

Also, check that your Server 2016 has enough CALs (Client Access Licenses) available.
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