FTP server setup for IP camera snaps store

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FTP server setup for IP camera snaps store

#1 Post by 5p1a5h » 2019-09-26 22:54

Hi Guys
New to FileZilla please help.
Planning to install an FTP server solely for the purpose of storing security camera snaps and videos.
Data would be uploaded directly from the cameras to the server on motion detection.
Could install own hardware locally on the same LAN as the cameras or preferably on the cloud since I do have a good Internet service providing 90Mb/s download and 10Mb/s upload.
Total to be stored at any one time 10Gb max, probably a lot less.
Performance not massively important as will only access files when alerted.
Maybe there are some suitably free cloud solutions ?
Really need some initial advice and an idiot's guide please

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Re: FTP server setup for IP camera snaps store

#2 Post by boco » 2019-09-28 17:01

Unless the images are strongly encrypted and transferred over a secure TLS connection, the cloud (aka someone else's computers you have no control over) is about the worst place storing security cam pictures.

Install FileZilla Server, open the required ports in the server computer's firewall, create an account and point the camera to the server IP and account. Done. Read the Network Configuration Guide for details. You can skip the whole router part, port forwardings are mot required for in-LAN use (same segment).
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