How to remove usernames from connection tabs?

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How to remove usernames from connection tabs?

#1 Post by phpdreams » 2020-06-30 00:14

I've looked through every setting I can find and cannot seem to locate how to remove connection details from the tab titles.

filezilla-tabs.png (34.27 KiB) Viewed 60 times

I have all client sites stored in the site manager and that works great, but when I open a site in a tab, the tab name gets really wide because it always lists the username used to connect in with the tab title. You can see what I mean in the shot above. How can I change it so that only the site name from the left pane of the site manager is used? There has to be something I'm missing. I'm frequently working with half a dozen sites at a time and managing the tabs becomes unwieldy due to the tab title widths.

If there's not a setting for this currently, can this please be a feature request?


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Re: How to remove usernames from connection tabs?

#2 Post by botg » 2020-06-30 08:19

It's not possible to not display user names.

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