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Cache Directory

#1 Post by ElGringo56 » 2021-06-20 06:37

Hello I m using the last version of FileZilla and I need to empty the cache directory of Edge/Internet Explorer in order my website gets updtated. I tried to solve this issue to uncheck cache directory box but I did not found it out. Could u pls help me? Thanks a lot

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Re: Cache Directory

#2 Post by boco » 2021-06-20 18:34

The cache in FileZilla cannot be disabled, the whole application relies on a working directory cache.

However, the cache feature in FileZilla has got nothing to do with the one in your browser. The reason your browser caches the page is because your HTML code tells it to do so (or does not tell anything so defaults are used).

In order to disable caching for your pages in browsers, you need to instruct them to not cache via your HTML headers.

Something to read (intentionally not a link as the site contains tracking mechanisms:

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